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Avionics posted 1/14/2021 Ref No. 2130031607

Equipment: Regional Airlines
Location: Macon, GA

Performs avionics and electrical systems maintenance according to FCC, FAA and Company Policies and Regulations. Troubleshoots, tests, repairs and installs avionics components such as aircraft communication, navigation, radar and electronic instrument systems. Operates and maintains test equipment and trade associated tools.


  • Performs ...

A&P Mechanic posted 1/8/2021 Ref No. 2130031632

Equipment: Regional Airlines
Location: Macon, GA

Seeking A&P mechanics in Macon, GA

  • Performs routine inspections or special maintenance to prevent failures of aircraft mechanical systems and components; performs complete operations checks on hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, plumbing, precision assemblies, rigging and controls, etc.
  • Determines when a component should be repaired or replaced; ...

Finisher posted 12/28/2020 Ref No. 2130031591

Equipment: Corporate
Location: St. Louis, MO

  • Establish the highest quality of the work performed on aircraft cabinets, and components undergoing work and specialized services meets Company standards and goals that in turn meets or improves budgeted hours/schedules.
  • A wide and comprehensive familiarity with, and understanding of, both general and specific aspects of the job and their practical application to complex ...