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Avionics Technician posted 11/30/2022 Ref No. 2130035549

Equipment: Heavy
Location: Lake Charles, LA

  • Installs, tests, troubleshoots and repairs aircraft avionics and electrical system components in accordance with testing, engineering, maintenance and installation directives.
  • High School diploma or equivalent with at least 4 years clearance relevant experience required. 
  • Able to wear respirator or other safety gear
  • Ability to understand and follow ...

Structures Mechanic posted 11/15/2022 Ref No. 2130035687

Equipment: Heavy
Location: San Antonio, TX

This mechanic maintains repairs and modifies aircraft structures and structural components of moderate difficulty, maintains and repairs aircraft components including but not limited to flight controls, engines, hydraulics, pneumatics, fuel systems, and mechanical components, applies technical knowledge of airframe and power plant systems in determining equipment malfunctions and applies required ...

Final Assembly Inspector posted 11/7/2022 Ref No. 2130035827

Equipment: Heavy
Location: Lake Charles, LA

  • Inspects mechanical final assembly installations of the aircraft such as fuselage, wings, flaps, landing gears, and tail assemblies.
  • Inspects systems such as hydraulic, pneumatic, oil, heat, and brakes.
  • Visually and physically inspects electrical installations.
  • Rechecks work after adjustment or repair.
  • May monitor and verify quality in accordance ...