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A&P - Commercial and Regional Program posted 7/31/2019 Ref No. 2130028422

Equipment: Heavy
Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Skill: A&P Mechanic

Duration: 3+ months (open ended)

Location: Oklahoma City OK

Aircraft: 737, MD-80, CRJ, ERJ, C-40

Salary: please call Strom Aviation for compensation details (800) 743-8988


Must be able to perform flight control and engine ...

Cabinet Builder posted 8/15/2019 Ref No. 2130029511

Equipment: Corporate
Location: Little Rock, AR

Skill: Cabinet Builder

Duration: 3+ months (open ended)

Location: Little Rock AR

Aircraft: Falcon Jet

Salary: please call Strom Aviation for compensation details (800) 743-8988; Bonuses Offered 


Fabricates complex high quality furniture ...

Fuel Cell Technician II posted 8/15/2019 Ref No. 2130029477

Equipment: Heavy
Location: Louisiana, LA

  • Perform removal, installation, and inspection functions of fuel cells and assembly, and installation of components such as fuel lines, hardware, and fittings on various aircraft.
  • Analyze various aircraft sealing, structural, ...