Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions?

We know that whether you're a seasoned industry veteran searching for a change of pace or new talent looking to get started in the industry, you're going to have questions about Strom. That's why we've put together a list of the questions we get asked the most - take a look below, or get in contact with one of our recruiters today!

Questions About Pay/Bonuses

I have an issue with my pay, how do I get this resolved?

We work extra hard to make sure your money makes it into your account on time each week, but sometimes things slip through the cracks - any questions surrounding pay can be directed towards are payroll department at 1-800-743-8988 ext. 5.

I know someone else looking for work. How can I help them?

Strom has a referral program that pays you for sending us qualified technicians that we put to work! All you have to do is give your recruiter your friend's information, have them let us know you sent them, and you'll be eligible for the bonus! More details can be found here.

Am I eligible for travel pay?

Our travel pay benefits are dependent on a lot of different factors, get in touch with your recruiter to figure out which benefits you're eligible to receive.

Questions About Our Service

I'm an aviation contractor outside the U.S. looking to find work - can you help me?

We've recently rolled out a new program to help skilled international contractors break into the U.S. aviation industry - to see if we can help, get in touch with our recruiters today!

Do you take a cut of what I earn on the job?

For our contractors, there are no fees involved - as a recruiting agency, we work directly with employers to place you in premium positions.

Does Strom work with companies that offer direct opportunities?

Yes! We work with numerous companies that offer direct opportunities to our contractors - these positions are dependent on factors such as location, company, job type, and more.

Questions About Benefits

What kinds of benefits does Strom have?

Strom is proud to offer our contractors access to a variety of benefits and bonuses - you can learn more about our contractor benefits here.

What types of insurances does Strom offer?

After a certain amount of hours, our contractors may qualify for a variety of insurance plans, such as health, dental, and vision. Talk to your recruiter about our programs today!

Does Strom offer a 401k plan?

Yes! We're dedicated to making sure our recruiters have access to all the tools they need to plan for retirement, and that includes our flexible 401k plan.