Considering a Move to Minneapolis for a Contract Aviation Job?

New to Minneapolis?

Ever consider a contract job in Minneapolis, MN? Interested in exploring the crisp, fresh air of the north? Minneapolis, Minnesota might be the perfect place to switch things up, all while enjoying one of the most unique cities in the Midwest. Originally built on the Mississippi river as a fur trading settlement, Minneapolis has quickly expanded to encompass the entire surrounding area, fusing with the capital of Minnesota (St. Paul) to form the Twin Cities. With a metropolitan population of over four million people, Minneapolis has one of the most diverse communities in the United States. Whether you're into hunting, sports, or enjoying one of the countless premium pubs within the city, Minneapolis has it all.

Weather in Minneapolis

The weather in Minneapolis is often described in the media as being some frozen landscape from the north pole, and while it gets chilly in the winter, this couldn't be further from the truth. During the summer, you get to enjoy calm, moderate temperatures in the mid 70s and low 80s, as well as extremely low humidity for most of the year. When the winter rolls around, only December, January, and February have averages below freezing, and once it does get cold, you can take advantage of the many accommodations offered by the city, including heated bus stops, and one of the largest skyway networks in the world. With just one stop downtown, you can enjoy fresh food, premium entertainment, and even a fully featured shopping center without stepping a foot outside.


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Cost of Living in Minneapolis

For a city of four million people, Minneapolis is surprisingly reasonable. With an average cost of living just six points over the national average, the Twin Cities punch well above their weight in terms of bang for buck. Apartments are regularly available in the city for as low as $900 a month, and if you move fifteen to twenty minutes out towards the suburbs, living accommodations can be found even cheaper.

Dining in Minneapolis

If there's one thing that Minneapolis excels at, it's food. With some of the best pubs and sports bars in the nation, a booming craft beer scene and an unparalleled variety of fresh italian, mexican, and asian cuisine, the Twin Cities offer no shortage of eateries. For many, the debate over the original Juicy Lucy is an on-going contest, check out Matt's Bar & Grill and the 5-8 Club to make your own comparison. The Twin Cities are famous for an adundance of Southeastern Asian food and Hai Hai has become one of the top go to eateries for Vietnamese cuisine - serving street food and amazing cocktails. Being in the Mdwest also means embracing the wide variety Eastern European cuisine - one of the highlights in the area is the Kramarczuk's Deli.

For people looking to sink their teeth into a juicy burger over a pint, there's almost too many choices to list. Our favorites include George and The Dragon, Hamburguesas El Gordo, and The 5-8 Club, each of which serves a killer gourmet burger on artisan buns, with a phenomenal selection of sides. Pizza Luce has quickly become a staple of Minneapolis cuisine, offering some of the best pizza blends north of Chicago, and a variety of other Italian dishes including pasta and breadsticks.

What to Do in Minneapolis

Being one of the largest metro areas in the Midwest, Minneapolis and St. Paul are full of great opportunities to relax and have some fun. From the largest shopping mall in the United States, The Mall of America, to a huge number of pro sports, to the thousands of lakeside offerings such as sailing and kayaking, the Twin Cities has something for everyone. The Chain of Lakes in southern Minneapolis has a wide variety of activities, and a bevy of delicious cuisine within walking distance.

In the winter, try out some cross country skiing in one of the many nature preserves inside the city limits, or if the cold isn't your scene, check out the thriving theaters or cozy up to some vintage movies at the Trylon Cinema, or enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a freshly baked breakfast at one of the many bakeries scattered throughout the city (personally, I'm a fan of Turtle Bread).

Where to Stay

If you're looking to just spend a few days in the city, for a short term contract or for fun, there are a plethora of hotels to choose from. The best deals for inexpensive lodging are right by the airport - check out the Super 8 or the Microtel Inn & Suites in Bloomington.

For those looking for an RV resort, there are several in the Southern Metro. Refuge RV Park in Hastings is quiet and has laundry and free cable TV. Town & Country RV Park has many amenities including a pool, free wireless internet and remodeled showers.

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