Contractor Benefits

Our most important asset is our employees. By contracting for Strom Aviation, you gain access to top quality aviation positions, great benefits, and over 25 years of aviation experience.

To further enhance our existing benefits program we now offer our contractors the following two plans. Plan 1: "The Fixed Indemnity Plan" and Plan 2: The Minimum Essential Coverage plan.

As a Strom Aviation hourly field employee you are eligible, within 30 days of your start date, to participate in the Essential StaffCARE that we sponsor. This program offers you the opportunity to choose from Medical, Dental, And Term Life/Short-Term Disability insurance. You can also choose to cover your eligible dependents under the Medical, Dental, and Term Life plans. Plan 1 and Plan 2 are affordably priced and premium payments are deducted directly from your weekly paycheck on a post-tax basis. Plan 2 is an ACA compliant plan.

Our goal is to provide our employees and their families with a convenient and flexible insurance option. To find out more, contact our offices at 1-800-743-8988.

With over twenty five years in the aviation industry, Strom offers a job search tailored to aviation professionals. Unlike typical job searches, Strom offers...

Our recruiters are committed to keep you informed of what is happening in the aviation market place. You can be confident knowing when your assignment ends, your recruiter will be pro active in locating you another assignment.

Have a colleague in the aviation industry? Take advantage of Strom's referral program.

Once you've been on the job for 60 days, you gain New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day as paid holidays.

Reach 2000 hours of straight time hours without interruption? You become eligible for bonus longevity pay.

We partner with many of our recruiters to offer start up, in service, and completion bonuses.

Many of our assignments offer additional travel pay.

We deposit your paychecks weekly into a Visa check card account, or your own bank account.

Work more than 50 miles from your house? You could be eligible for extra living allowance payments.

Take advantage of our robust 401K program.

Our employees have access to health, medical, and disability insurance programs.