What Is The Difference Between Per Diem vs. Meal Replacement Costs?

One of the most popular benefits of working in the airline mechanics industry is financial support for meals and travel expenses. This "reimbursement" can come in many ways and has many rules, but today we are going to give you a simple definition and tell you how Strom Aviation handles per diem with it's contractors. .

What is Per Diem?

Like Strom Aviation, many companies use the IRS standard called "Per Diem" for reimbursing travel expenses. Per Diem is a set amount of money that you are allowed to spend on meals and lodging expenses. At Strom, each job opportunity has different per diem rates and rules. The best way to find out what the per diem is for a specific job is to talk to your recruiter.

Just keep in mind, whatever the per diem is for a job, if you spend more, it comes out of your pocket. You don't have to keep track of all of those darn receipts, which is a great benefit of per diem over the meal reimbursement costs used by other companies.

Meal Reimbursement Costs

When you search for an aviation job, some job descriptions advertise meal reimbursement costs rather than per diem. This can be confusing when you are comparing the benefits of two jobs, so let's talk about the difference.

When a company uses meal reimbursement costs instead of per diem, the employer will reimburse you for the exact expense, and you must submit a receipt every time. This can be time consuming on your part and it's really easy to lose a receipt, which means you don't get reimbursed for that expense.

Also, some job descriptions say meal reimbursement when they are actually talking about per diem. When in doubt, always contact a recruiter about a specific job because it pays to fully understand the company's policy before making a job decision.

If you are looking at a specific aviation job offered by Strom Aviation, we are happy to answer any questions you have about per diem. Just give your recruiter a call. Don't have a recruiter? Call us and you will be assigned a great partner for your aviation job search.