Should You Talk to a Recruiter When You Already Have a Job?

Should You Talk to a Recruiter When You Already Have a Job? Banner

One of the most frequent questions recruiters get is why it's important to talk to your recruiter when you already have a job. What's in it for you?

Your recruiter has a strong interest in your happiness at your current job and whether it's a good fit for your skills and lifestyle. You don't want to be seen as a job hopper, so good matches between you and your employer is important to everyone. We talk about this a lot in our article on job hopping.

If there is something about your job that you don't like, please talk to your recruiter if talks with your employer are not resolving the issue. Your recruiter might be able to give you good advice about how to handle the situation, or maybe the environment is not a good fit for you.

Another reason to talk to your recruiter regularly is to stay on top of what jobs are available when you are looking at your next position. They can tell you what's hot and what's not, as well as get your name out there when the next opportunity comes along that is a good match for you. This will allow you to minimize the down-time between jobs which is a lot easier on your monthly cash flow.

If you are currently working, but think it might be time for a change, call your recruiter to plant the seed about what you are looking for and where.

Just remember your recruiter is always working in the background for you. We all have that dream job and it is your recruiter's job to keep you in mind when things come up that might be of interest!