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Painter posted 7/10/2024
Ref No. 2130037868

Military Aircraft
San Antonio, TX
NO Tools Required

Job Duties

San Antonio Manufacturing Center is seeking a painter for their Emergent Paint Center.

In this role the individual work assignments that will require them to mix paint, work with chemicals and all the preparation work required to prep the parts for paint application. This position will require them to work closely with other team members so the ability to work with others and share responsibilities is a desired attribute. This position will also require the ability to search and read the specifications in the DPS, engineering drawings to complete assignments given.

Position Responsibilities:

  • The Aircraft Painter coats surfaces of aircraft with paint, lacquer, epoxy, resin or other material, using brushes, rollers, spray guns and other devices, removes old paint from aircraft, using liquid paint remover and scraper.
  • Smoothes surface with sandpaper and steel wool, roughens aluminum surfaces with acid solution and steel wool to insure that paint adheres to surface, masks and covers portions of surfaces not to be painted, and paint insignia, letters or numerals on aircraft surface, using stencils.

Paint Experience:

  • Relevant paint experience is considered painting multi-staged paint processes (base coat/clear coat) at large scale with compressed air (automobile, boat, etc.).
  • Adhesive Materials/Processes - Knowledge of adhesive materials (such as epoxy, urethane, polyimide, reinforcements, etc.) and processes.
  • Color Match - Knowledge of color space, color analysis, paint formulation, and paint application techniques to evaluate, match, and develop decorative finishes.
  • Engineering Drawings & Specs - Ability to read, understand, and interpret engineering drawings and specifications (e.g., blueprint/schematic reading, specification, change, design).
  • General Shop Processes - Complete knowledge of shop processes to include Foreign Object Damage/Debris (FOD) prevention, material handling, safety, calibration requirements and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).
  • Materials & Processing - Knowledge of material processing for metals (e.g., welding forging, heat treat, machining, forming), polymers and composites (e.g., autoclave curing, lay-up, co-curing, repair), sealants and finishes processing (e.g., plating, painting, surface preparation, fay surface sealing, fillet sealing), and ceramic (e.g., high temperature processing, machining) and electronic materials (e.g., soldering, printed circuit board cleaning, conformal coating).
  • Organic Chemical Processing - Knowledge of organic chemical processes (such as top-coating, priming, surface cleaning).
  • Polymers & Composite Materials - Knowledge of po

Job Qualifications

Basic Qualifications (Required Skills/Experience):

  • 2+ years’ experience in the position responsibilities listed above
  • Experience reading blue prints and document specification
  • Ability to work rotating shift

Preferred Qualifications (Desired Skills/Experience):

  • 2+ years’ hands on experience sanding, taping, mixing material, the application of paint
  • 2+ years’ experience working on military and commercial platforms
  • 1+ years’ experience working with hazardous chemicals


Facility Description


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