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Inspector posted 7/10/2024
Ref No. 2130037366

Commercial Aircraft
Wichita, KS
NO Tools Required

Job Duties

  • Uses predetermined methods, operations, setups and prescribed specifications to inspectvisually in-process and completed products such as electronic units and subsystems, precision electromechanical assemblies or mechanical units, subassemblies, structural flaws, internal defects, and missing welds.
  • Uses various measuring devices.
  • Accepts or rejects defective or malfunctioning units or systems.
  • Works from blueprints, diagrams, dial indicators, preset micrometers, scales, fixtures, customer specifications, drawing or inspection instructions and checklists.
  • May monitor and verify quality in accordance with statistical process or other control procedures.
  • Performs line clearances after each lot to ensure all materials from the previous lot have been removed.

The Company will provide appropriate assistance in job training to enable employees to perform all necessary job functions including the following:

1. Working from drawings/CATIA, documents, process specifications, quality control requirements, software programs and test procedures, perform any inspection of parts and assemblies including processes and materials.
2. Dimensionally inspect parts or assemblies.
3. Initiate and document any non-conforming materials, hardware, software, tools, parts, assemblies or portions thereof, according to specifications, processes and procedures.
4. Inspect vendor, subcontractor or company parts and assemblies.
5. Follows a pre-determined sequence of own work.
6. Prepare and maintain Quality records.
7. Support the continuous flow of product within the manufacturing process by cross training and assisting other employees including cross-training in the Assembly Technician function or functions supported.
In addition, each employee may be asked, on occasion, to complete other duties and responsibilities as required by Spirit leadership. Training and certification will be provided for the additional work when required.


Job Qualifications

5+ Years Aviation Manufacturing Inspection Experience

Qualifying Skills
1. Possess the skills and knowledge to perform in one or more of the following areas.
Assembly Inspector
Fabrication Inspector
Shipping/Receiving Inspector 
2. Use and interpret drawings, inspection manuals and specifications, shop mathematics, precision measuring instruments, specialized inspection machines, tools and equipment necessary to accomplish work assignments.
3. Contact other company organizations, or customer representatives, as required to coordinate and accomplish work assignments.
4. Operate testing machines, calculate and record results.
5. Maintain certifications as required.
6. Plan own sequence of operations.
7. Follow inspection (shop) procedures to accept or reject parts and assemblies, etc.
8. Verify that tools are qualified.

  • Candidate must be flexible on shift and hours required to work.
  • Requirements:Must be available to work any shift.
  • Standard M-F, but could work OT and weekends
  • Must be familiar with Aviation Manufacturing practices
  • Must be comfortable using measurement tools and reviewing Re-Drawings.
  • Positions will be in Assembly and Fab.  Prefers candidates with experience in both arenas

Facility Description


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