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Equipment: Heavy
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Tools Required

Job Duties

Perform a basic to advanced level skilled work to identify, remove, and install aircraft components and to perform servicing of engines and aircraft accessories to ensure airworthiness according to customer specifications and FAA standards. Reads and complies with instructions and safety information as necessary for proper and safe completion of assigned work.


  • Services and repairs aircraft and engines to ensure airworthiness according to customer specifications and FAA standards.
  • Removes and replaces aircraft components according to driving documentation.
  • Identifies, removes, and installs inspection access panels.
  • Reads maintenance manuals to identify and locate aircraft components on the aircraft, and accurately implements instructions of maintenance manuals.
  • Identifies the structural composition of aircraft (i.e., aluminum or composite) prior to performing any work on the structure.
  • Performs aircraft lubrications.
  • Removes and replaces filters, and performs leak checks.
  • Performs repairs on noted discrepancies, and effectively researches manufacturer’s manual for appropriate repair procedures prior to performing repairs.
  • Proficient in Flightstar’s integrated operating systems (AMROS) relating to locating parts, alternate part numbers, requesting parts and verifying effectivity of parts.
  • Uses basic hand tools or equipment to perform skilled manual and technical work.
  • Lifts and carries hand tools, parts, and work materials; ascends and descends ladders and platforms; and frequently works in a variety of positions such as stooping, kneeling or squatting.
  • Follows safety procedures and wears/uses appropriate safety equipment for the work being performed.
  • Follows instructions and standard operating procedures. Responsible for remaining current on all required training regarding aircraft maintenance and safety standards to personnel assigned to him/her as apprentices, if any.
  • Communicates effectively in English regarding work activities, per FAA requirements.
  • Prepares and maintains basic records such as work order and non-routine task card documentation, logs, and time and material records, as instructed.
  • Possesses working knowledge of ATA Codes (Chapter and Subchapters) as well as aircraft zones, narrow body airframe familiarization, and industry standards.
  • Reads instructions and safety information as necessary for proper and safe completion of assigned work. Signs off aircraft maintenance paperwork as ‘Qualified Mechanic’ upon meeting all regulatory and customer program requirements.
  • Performs routine servicing of engines and aircraft accessories.
  • Performs work actions in the jacking and leveling of aircraft.

Job Qualifications

  • Candidates with 5+ years experience on Commercial (Boeing, MD80/90) aircraft

Facility Description


As an employee of Strom Aviation, you will receive benefits including holiday pay, longevity pay, access to a 401K program and insurance coverage (medical, dental, life, disability).  We offer travel pay, bonuses, and other incentives for some positions as well.  A referral is the best compliment we can get, and Strom Aviation offers 2 different referral programs for our employees.                 


Our recruiters strive to connect qualified individuals with opportunities. With hundreds of jobs across the nation, Strom offers opportunities no matter where you are. 


**Please check with recruiter to see if you qualify for per diem, travel pay, or numerous bonuses. These items vary by job.

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