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Aircraft Assembler posted 11/28/2022 Ref No. 2130035744

Equipment: Heavy
Location: Nashville, TN

Job Duties


This occupation requires the assembly, installation and sealing of parts required in the manufacture of missile components, aircraft/sub aircraft structures which includes the
necessary layout of simple fabrication and installation of production and non-production parts.
Also includes fabrication of electrical wire harness/assemblies in addition to setting up and operating automated riveting machines and hand-held electro-magnetic equipment and other
automated assembly tools.

Work Performed

  • Determines methods/sequences of fabrication, assembly, installation, repair, rework and modification on aircraft assemblies with and without the necessary tooling, engineering data, sketches, route and planning sheets. Make functional and operational checks on previously installed plumbing, hydraulics and assemblies.
  • Secures proper equipment or whatever necessary to perform assignment.
  • Rigs or modifies special parts and/or simple tools to accomplish task. Set up, load, unload and operated automatic riveting machine as necessary.
  • Fabricates wire harness on wire board following schematic diagrams, etc.
  • Perform typical operations at assembly where extreme care must be exercised to satisfy tolerance.
  • Installs sheet metal or synthetic components with or without jigs, fixtures or tooling and/or where locations and mating points must be established from reference information such as locations derived from hand layout. Performs all tasks incidental to the assembly such as drilling, reaming, countersinking, shooting or bucking rivets manually or using handheld electro-magnetic equipment, internal sealing and rework, etc.
  • Cleans tanks and other surfaces by removing oils, grease, litter, etc., with solvents or scrubbing in preparation for sealing. Apply, by spray or brush coat, sealant, or any protective coating as required.
  • Includes fueling and associated test operations.
  • Repairs or reworks any assembly and/or detail parts not meeting specifications such as removing and replacing panels, skins, fasteners, etc. Makes minor adjustments to equipment such as changing rivet sets, punches, shims, dies and replaces shoes when operating riveting equipment.
  • Perform machining operations as allowed by applicable specifications.
  • Perform secondary tasks such as alodine and paint when such parts have previously been painted but finish removed in process of accomplishing assembly operation.
    May secure from crib own incidentals, such as special tools, drill bits, etc.
  • Performs duties incidental to the accomplishment of the assigned task
  • Computer proficiency to navigate systems for labor charging, access work instructions, record completion of work, TC1, MES, PII's, etc

Job Qualifications

Two (2) years varied aircraft assembly experience or successful completion of a comprehensive training program conducted or approved by the company that provides entry level skills and knowledge required for the occupation.

Facility Description

Client manufactures complex aerostructure components of commercial, business and military aircraft worldwide. We specialize in complex, structural and mechanical assemblies and machined components, with full metal finishing capability.


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