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SM III posted 11/26/2022 Ref No. 2130034905

Equipment: Commuter
Location: Miami, FL
Tools Required

Job Duties

  • Undertake maintenance, repair and modifications on airframe components and assemblies for aircrafts included on clients ops specs.
  • Align parts on jigs, templates and fixtures.
  • Performs such minor part-fitting operations as filing, sawing, de-burring, crimping, trimming, framing, riveting, drilling and reaming.
  • Required to be able to read complex schematics/blueprints, engineering drawings and technical instructions.
  • Safely perform sheet metal layout, fabrication, and installation of parts, equipment or fabricated items on aircraft.
  • Has working knowledge of SRM (Repair Station Manual) references.
  • Perform layout work; measure parts using micrometers, calipers and ball gauges (to accurately measure holes to .0001 inch); undertake bending and forming of sheet metal in preparation for assembly.
  • Able to use complex fixtures, bushings, core drills and reamers to generate holes for close tolerance Hi lock and fasteners.
  • May modify components to incorporate changes to structure.
  • May be required to undertake fabrication, cold working, flap peening. Perform the assigned maintenance task in accordance with the Federal Aviation Regulations, manufacturer’s recommendations, customer’s approved maintenance program or accepted data.
  • Perform high quality work in accordance with the data/instructions provided by the Project Manager and/or Lead.
  • Become familiar with and follow the requirements of the RSM, Federal Aviation Regulations, Airworthiness Directives, advisory circular, manufacturer’s service bulletins and any other required to perform assigned work. Never begin any maintenance unless in possession of the proper documentation.
  • Ensure that the issued Task Card is properly scanned together with the Technician’s information before beginning the assigned task(s) for time-keeping purposes.
  • Accurately and legibly, record the maintenance or alteration on the proper repair station and/or customer supplied forms.
  • Report any unserviceable equipment or potential safety hazards to supervisor and observe all safety precautions in the performance of assigned tasks at all times.
  • Report any tool issues to Stores and ensure the correct tag is attached and properly completed.
  • Actively take part in required training including GMM and safety.
  • Keep all work areas clean and orderly and ensure all debris is removed from aircraft on completion of task.
  • Demonstrates proven ability to work alone and in a team environment.
  • Undertake other duties as required by superiors and/or Structures Lead Technician.
  • Acts professionally at all times; works with integrity and commitment towards the company and compliance with its standard procedures and policies.
  • Able to perform complex heavy structure tasks with little supervision.
  • Able to use FAA accepted data and OEM manuals (i.e. IPC, M/M, OHM, SRM) proficiently.
  • Ensure work performed adheres to high quality standards.
  • Effectively direct the work of less experienced structures technicians.
  • Dependability: personally responsible, completes work in a timely manner, and performs tasks accurately.
  • Motivation: must maintain a positive attitude and strong work energy.
  • Organization: very detail oriented and always comes prepared.
  • Plans work and carries out tasks with or without detailed instructions.
  • Anticipates and mitigates problem.

Job Qualifications

  • Preferred Licensed Aircraft Structures Technician with a minimum of 5 - 7 years working experience.
  • Is highly proficient in fabrication, cold working, flap peening and jacking, shoring aircraft.
  • Is highly proficient in using technical data and drawings to locate part numbers and accomplish repairs.
  • A good communicator with experience helping and directing the work of less experienced technicians.
  • Possesses analytical skills: must be able to gather information and use data to determine cause and effect for complex problem solving.
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