How LinkedIn Helps Build Your Career and Why You Should Have One

What is LinkedIn?

With such a wide variety of social media platforms available, many professionals may be left wondering: what social media network is the most effective for advancing their career? From stage left, welcome one of the oldest and most widely used social networks on the planet: LinkedIn. LinkedIn is primarily used for professional networking, letting business professionals connect with others in their fields, share industry-related news, post job openings, and recruit potential employees.
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Why LinkedIn?

You may be wondering, why do I need a LinkedIn account? There are countless reasons why you should have a profile; whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned professional, building and maintaining your professional network is important. Utilizing the industry insight provided by like-minded groups on LinkedIn can help keep you ahead of the curve and learning about other companies' standards and updates can ensure that you are trending in the right direction.

How Can LinkedIn Help Me?

If you are just starting your career, connecting to the right people can often be the difference between getting your foot in the door and helplessly searching for a way in. By reaching out to industry professionals, learning from them, and having the right connections, you may often find yourself moved to the front of the line during the interview process. Staying relevant in the minds of department managers and supervisors can often lead to jobs that never even make it to a job board, giving you a clear advantage.
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Having a fine-tuned profile is like having a running resume for potential employers to see. You may not check your LinkedIn account nearly as often as you scroll through Facebook or Twitter, but updating it and checking in every few weeks can be massively beneficial to your career. Adding accomplishments, new skills and connections will help you appear in more searches, and staying active shows potential employers that you're motivated and open to new opportunities.

There are many reasons why it would be valuable to have a LinkedIn profile: it's an easy way to connect to a professional world, and it lets you self advocate in a setting where it's encouraged. Also, it’s completely free to join! So, hop-off Facebook and stop watching that hilarious cat video, create a LinkedIn account, and tell the world why you are amazing at what you do.