The Strom Advantage

What is the difference between Strom Aviation and other suppliers?

Strom Aviation blends efficiency with results in the best way possible. Our intuitive recruiting interface allows you to find the best candidates for your aviation positions without the hassle that surrounds hiring. As independent contractors, our employees are fully compliant with FAA, DOT, and other statutory compliance requirements before they step onto your site.

What can outsourcing through Strom Aviation do for you?

Since you'll no longer be paying benefits (such as pensions, health insurance, unemployment and worker's compensation) for personnel, you can enjoy savings that flow directly to your bottom line. We can help you:

  • Fill critical aviation personnel positions quickly
  • Help you avoid the time and expense of searching, interviewing, and hiring
  • Save the high cost of maintaining salaried staff during down times
  • Protect your company against a reputation for high turnover or sporadic layoffs

Strom Aviation, Inc. specializes in the following disciplines:

  • FAA Certified A&P Mechanics
  • Structural Technicians
  • Avionics/Electrical Technicians
  • Inspectors
  • VIP Interior Installers
  • Cabinet Makers
  • Upholsterers
  • Painters
Strom Aviation stands ready to assist you with your aviation staffing needs. If you are interested in more information about our services call us toll free at 800-743-8988 between 8 AM and 5 PM Central Time and ask for a Sales Representative.

Employer Benefits

Outsourcing through Strom Aviation removes much of the hassle of taking on new employees, as well as offering a host of services to save you time and money.

We provide all back office support including time collection, payroll advances, payroll taxes, unemployment claims, and more.

We hold sufficient Liability Insurance Coverage and will submit a Certificate of Coverage at clients request.

We have a very solid understanding of the risks we face every day with FAA DOT and other statutory compliance requirements, and all of our contractors are fully compliant before entering your facility.

We hold sufficient Worker's Compensation Insurance Coverage and will submit a Certificate of Coverage at clients request.

We know we service our employees as well as our recruiters, and we strive to provide the best experience possible for all parties involved.

We know all recruiters have different needs, so we provide customizable rate schedules, whether it's a percentage markup, flat rates, or multiple tier rates.

Our passionate and conscientious recruiters are backed by one of the most robust databases in the industry. We have extensive experience recruiting a variety of aviation skill sets, both nationally and internationally.