Considering a Move to Bangor for a Contract Aviation Job?

New to Bangor?

Has an opportunity piqued your interest in Bangor, ME, or are you just looking for a good place to spend some time? Either way, this is the right place. With just over 32 thousand inhabitants, Bangor is the state's third largest city, but it doesn't feel that way. The plethora of quaint shops and restaurants along main street, combined with the refreshing northern air and inviting atmosphere make Bangor a relaxing place to live, whether you're settling down or just stopping through. Interested? Check out our contract jobs in Bangor, ME.

So how is the Weather in Bangor, ME?

Being in the north of Maine certainly has its disadvantages, and some might find it's weather a bit on the colder side. During the three coldest winter months, you're looking at average highs just below freezing (around 30℉), but during the summer, things start to look up. Starting in April and going all the way through November, you can expect a good blend of 50 to 70 degree weather, making it a perfect choice for people looking to get out of the exhausting heat of the south.


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Cost of Living in Bangor

At nearly 30 percent less than Portland, ME, Bangor is an extremely affordable choice, with housing being as much as 40% less than the national average. A small apartment usually goes for around $800 to $850 a month, and can be found for less, if you're willing to part with some common amenities (such as a pool or exercise center), or if you don't mind a little bit longer drive into the city.

Dining in Bangor

Being a medium sized city certainly has some upsides, and the variety of restaurants in Bangor is certainly one of them. If you're looking for some fresh seafood, the Lobstah Buoy has you covered, and if you want to try a northern take on some classic Alabama-style BBQ, consider Moe's Original BBQ Restaurant. In addition, you'll find all the staples of good old american food, from pizza to pubs to sports bars all within walking distance of the center of the city.

What to Do in Bangor

If you're looking to kill some time, Bangor has a ton of phenomenal options. There's a plethora of bowling alleys, night clubs, pools and dog parks close to the city center, and the sheer amount of coastline and state parks around northern Maine would take multiple lifetimes to explore.

Where to Stay

Flying in to scope out the area or stay for a few days? The Pine Tree Inn has affordable rates and is just two streets away from both the airport and downtown, making it a great choice for more temporary stays. If you're coming in for a temporary or seasonal job, we'd recommend calling the aforementioned Pine Tree Inn, as they offer rooms with kitchenettes and discounted long term rates. For those coming into Bangor via RV, we'd recommend getting in contact with the Pumpkin Patch RV Resort, as they offer a phenomenal set of amenities at a great price, especially if you're booking a seasonal spot.

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