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Position: Upholstery Tech

Equipment: SPEC
Location: Indianapolis, IN

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Posted: 12/4/2017

  1. Build high quality seats starting with a frame, utilizing upholstery techniques to ensure foam distribution is proportionate for individual customer specifications which may include a first article inspection.
  2. Selects and shapes foam to contours and specifications prescribed on the blueprints and per customer approved design center conceptual drawings. Performs minor modifications to seats and accessories.
  3. Prepares seats for upholstering by stripping all foam and covers using various hand tools according to Comlux approved procedures. Cleans glue off panels and strips materials from parts.
  4. Sews, modifies and installs seat covers, curtains, and miscellaneous items using sewing machine, glue gun and other hand tools.
  5. Designs seat patterns according to customer and designer specifications.
  6. May also disassemble, troubleshoot, repair, recover and reassemble upholstered seats, panels and/or trim pieces.
  7. Prepares miscellaneous seat parts and accessories for paint. Performs advanced troubleshooting of seat assemblies and repairs.
  8. Assists with training team members to develop job knowledge and improve performance.
  9. Prepares, researches, and signs off various documents for record keeping purposes as required by Comlux approved procedures, manufacturers' maintenance manuals, and FAA regulations, i.e. turnovers, removal sheets, flammability testing, W.O. Sheets, crew assignment, personal training log, and other work order related documents supporting the review squawks and expected hours.
  10. Interpret material specs and engineering drawings to ensure upholstered components meet the design spec, quality standards and customer expectations.

Ref No. 2130025733Contact: Justin Lee




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