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A&P Technicians posted 4/24/2018 Ref No. 2130026598

Equipment: Avionics/Electrical Design
Location: Boise, ID

Job Summary: Inspect, test, repair, maintain, and service aircraft using test equipment and hand tools, as needed,
to return aircraft to service per FAA and manufacturers specifications.

Job Duties:
▪ Performs routine maintenance and inspections on corporate aircraft
▪ Ensures proper care of customer property at all phases of maintenance work
▪ Accurate completion of required paperwork and work order details in Corridor computer system
▪ Continually keeps clean and organized work area including personal tool box
▪ Participates in on call program and all training required to be part of the program
▪ Responsible for completing training syllabus for advancement to next level
▪ Performs other duties as assigned

 IND18 Contact: Strom Jobs


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