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Interior Installation Technician II posted 4/20/2018 Ref No. 2130026773

Equipment: Avionics/Electrical Design
Location: Dallas, TX

Position Purpose The Aircraft Technician I, under close supervision, performs or assists with inspection, maintenance, and repair of basic aircraft systems and structures. Principal Duties and Responsibilities Essential Functions: 1) Communicate as required to receive and understand work assignments. Perform basic aircraft inspections, repairs, and modifications under close supervision. Assist with movement as aircraft as required. 2) Properly complete CMP cards, work order sign-offs, and other paper work in a timely manner. 3) Ensure that all work accomplished meets quality standards and specifications. 4) Properly identify (tag) customer property and equipment. Store aircraft components and other customer property securely and safely. 5) Follow standard operating procedures when operating ground support equipment (external power carts, hydraulic power units, hydraulic lift platforms, forklifts, compressed gas cylinders, etc.) 6) Ensure all customer property is properly protected. Additional Functions: 1) Use material tracking system to create parts demand, and to charge labor to Work Orders, items, and squawks. 2) Properly collect and dispose of waste fuel, oil, hydraulic and de-icing fluids, and solvent rags. Apply 5S and Lean Initiatives to keep shops, hangars, and aircraft work areas clean and uncluttered. 3) Properly use and maintain company-provided tools and equipment. Return items to designated storage area after use. 4) Comply with safety rules and procedures. Use protective equipment as required and be alert for unsafe conditions. Address and report unsafe conditions before putting people or property at risk. 5) Perform other duties as assigned.

Contact: Strom Jobs


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