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Production Lead posted 10/9/2018 Ref No. 2130027670

Equipment: Corporate
Location: Tulsa, OK

Supervises and coordinates activities of assigned personnel and implements and administers policies and procedures as delegated by management.  Develops and provides leadership to customer-focused production teams to institutionalize the processes of Continuous Quality Improvement in accordance with organization goals and objectives.

Essential Functions and Key Responsibilities:

Studies production schedules and estimates Stakeholder hour requirements for completion of job assignment. Oversees department activities and revises work assignments to meet schedules and contract priorities.  Coordinates activities and provides technical direction to personnel. 

Interprets company policies to Stakeholders and enforces regulations relating to safety, attendance, conduct, and other plant rules.  Interprets specifications, blueprints, and job orders to Stakeholders, and assigns duties.  Establishes or adjusts work procedures to meet production or processing schedules.

Recommends measures to improve production or processing methods, equipment performance, and quality of product.  Provides guidance to teams on development, performance and productivity issues.

Suggests changes in working conditions and use of equipment to increase efficiency of shop, department, or work crew. Monitors and expedites flow of materials within production area.

Receives and answers questions from Stakeholders pertaining to area processes or equipment operation. Analyzes and resolves work problems, or assists Stakeholders in solving work problems. Confers with other supervisors to coordinate activities of individual departments.

Maintains time and production or processing records. Initiates or suggests plans to motivate Stakeholders to achieve work goals. Notifies maintenance Stakeholders of equipment malfunctions.

Performs all of the job functions and activities of Stakeholders supervised. Trains Stakeholders in equipment operation and in processing and safety procedures.


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