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Painter posted 5/16/2018 Ref No. 2130026777

Equipment: Corporate
Location: Dallas, TX

The ideal candidate for this position will perform the following tasks:
* Performs minor assembly of parts, components and subsystems using products and processes which are varied but generally not complex in scope to apply primer, topcoat paint, and any spray-applied coatings to aircraft parts consistent with government, customer and company standards.
* Reads and interprets specifications and documents to define the scope of work on work orders.
* Computes mixture ratios in order to mix paint materials.
* Selects and mixes coating liquid to produce required color.
* Performs sanding as required to remove old paint and other surface materials that may interfere with paint application.
* Fills surface imperfections with specified material and sands as appropriate to promote smooth finish.
* Masks and tapes components as necessary to prevent paint overspray and allow for multiple color application.

Contact: Strom Jobs


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