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Avionics Technician posted 5/10/2018 Ref No. 2130026728

Equipment: Heavy
Location: Greensboro, NC

Avionics technicians needed for work on Commercial aircraft. A Minimum of 2 years heavy commercial experience is required (Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, and AirBus) for Avionics technicians. Helicopter experience will be considered. KC10 Military aircraft experience will also be considered for all skill groups.

1. Perform such typical maintenance functions as cabling, component removal/installation, wire harness removal/installation, fabrication/repair of wire assemblies, and continuity checks.
2. Determine if work can safely be accomplished if aircraft is in a power-on mode and be able to conduct necessary testing if in a power-on mode.
3. Fabricate and install all wiring assemblies, static lines, and associated mechanical equipment.
4. Follow all applicable specifications to accomplish a specific task.
5. Maintain a clean and safe working environment.
6. Perform work within estimated hours.
7. Follow all safety procedures and specifications.
8. Execute all required paperwork in connection with assigned normal duties.
9. Use and operate ground support equipment, as applicable and if qualified, in a safe manner.
10. Work with little or no supervision and accomplish assignments with little or no rework.
11. Assist other employees in the performance of their job assignments through coaching, counseling, and guidance.
12. Interface effectively with members of management, other departments, and co-workers.
13. Perform other work as instructed by the Avionics Team Leader or Lead, if qualified.
14. Act as an Avionics Team Leader or Avionics Lead when required and if qualified for the position

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